David Duke Video is Not Quite 'Hate Speech,' Says Google Official

An anti-Semitic YouTube video titled "Jews admit organizing White Genocide" does not constitute hate speech, a top Google executive told British lawmakers on Tuesday, according to a Times of London report. While the video - narrated by ex-Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke - is "deeply offensive and shocking," it does not violate YouTube rules against hate speech and will remain on the site, Google Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs Peter Barron (Google owns YouTube) said at a House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee hearing. The hearing, the report said, marked the start of a parliamentary inquiry into online hate ... Barron said the video - which was uploaded in October 2015 and has garnered more than 92,000 views - was "right on the borderline."
What Are the Limits on Free Expression?

... Britain's House of Commons Home Affairs Committee has summoned executives from Google, Twitter and Facebook for a hearing in order to slam the social media giants for failing to block 'hate speech' and 'anti-Semitic' content from their platforms. It seems that Labour MP Yvette Cooper took issue with the refusal of YouTube to remove a video in which David Duke accused Jewish people of "organizing white genocide" and Zionists of conducting ethnic cleansing. I'm left wondering, what it is that motivates British MPs to launch a war against freedom of speech? Can MP Yvette Cooper or any other British MP for that matter, tell us, once and for all, what exactly are the boundaries of our freedom of expression? Is calling Israel an ethnic cleanser a crime in the UK? But what if Israel is an ethnic cleanser? Is truth not a valid legal defence in modern Britain?



Dear Nigel,


Your baby is being condemned in the media as ‘no longer having a purpose’ after BREXIT, as you will know.

But surely UK Independence is more than just about leaving the EU.

We need independence from

We need an independent-minded, patriotically driven leader like yourself to ‘clear the swamp’ in Westminster and get the UK back on its feet.

This is especially important now, as leaving the EU is causing uncertainties and difficulties which will cost the Nation economically for a few years while we re-model.

And it is especially important now, as pulling up the drawbridge incites hoards more immigrants to rush in.

Yours without prejudice,

James B Thring
(peace activist, former financial adviser to HMG, former consultant to Henley Centre and Battelle, former energy researcher, former architect of self-sufficient housing)