An open letter to Nigel Farage from Michèle, Lady Renouf


Dear Mr Farage,

Today’s Alternative for Germany Party reveals how Merkel has been flying in via air taxi 17,000 aliens, not to their appropiate safe alternate states in Africa, Arabia, Asia, but instead to Germany for its unsuspecting taxpayers to go on forfeiting their own infastructural needs and turn them over to masses of economic migrants.

Based on your stunning strategy in which you succeeded in garnering 4 million Brits to show the nation it was normal (rather than “Extremist”) to think Britain first, I wonder what you think of this as a next step? –

European nations start a TAXPAYERS PARTY which simply focuses the public on their TAXES, set out in three Columns: 

1. what is taxed, 

2. on what should their taxes be spent, 

3. on what ARE their taxes being spent.  

In that clear way, the general public become aware of their FOREMOST relevance, and then naturally take a personal interest in what is plainly made accountable to them. 

The ‘democratic vote’ takes care of the traditional majority's interests. 

Those who wish priority for their minority interests can seek these by returning proudly to enhance these in and for their ancestral homelands.

This way, the global usurer Rumpelstiltskin is strategically undermined whilst never needing to be named.

Yours faithfully,

Michèle, Lady Renouf