Dr James Thring (Ministry of Peace)
denounces planned Holocaust Memorial next to British Parliament

Why is our government hosting this? The Jewish community should be putting up their own memorial to British people who helped them to immigrate and to those who helped them steal Palestine from the Muslims.

I object to my taxes being wasted on a mythological figment when we are trying to save to pay off the public debts to, ironically, ‘the survivors’.

Moreover, this memorial is not to ‘ensure it never happens again’ because the Jews in Israel are perpetrating a "holocaust" every day upon the Palestinians and have been committing crimes against them for over 100 years. And they intend to perpetuate these crimes and insults for as long as there are any sentient Palestinians left.

Have they forgotten? Or are they using their horror story as a cover for the horrors they are inflicting on even more innocent victims?

There should be a Memorial to all those Palestinians who have been murdered, injured, tortured, deprived, insulted and denigrated by the Israelis.

There should be a Memorial to the British Army personnel who died, were injured or traumatized while helping to keep the peace in Palestine and prevent the Zionist immigrants massacring their hosts.

And there should be a Memorial to all those German people who lost their lives fighting for their country, lost their lives in the Rhinelands Concentration Camps after 1945 and who have been persecuted as ‘Germans’ ever since.