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Jailing Opinions

A film documentary exposing the sly laws
which criminalise normal historical enquiry
and expression, including firsthand
accounts from the persecuted Defence
Attorneys and those who dare attend the
ongoing trials in Europe. Chapter 3 is a
firsthand account of the famous trial in
Vienna, Austria, of the British historian
David Irving who was given a three years
jail sentence for talking about events that
happened (or not, as the case may be) more
than seventy years ago.

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This Jailing Opinions DVD now also includes the following free audio CD:

BBC Radio 4's main news programme The World at One interviews Lady Renouf and Lord (Greville) Janner, chairman of the Holocaust Educational Trust, on the day of Bishop Williamson's expulsion back to Britain by an Argentine government cowering before the World Zionism Lobby.
BBC World Service hosts debate on 'Why Can't We Question the Holocaust?', with main guests Lady Renouf and Prof. Deborah Lipstadt

25th February 2009
duration 61 mins



Forgotten British Heroes

Lady Renouf speaking in Bristol on 29th July 2017: the 70th anniversary of the murders of Sgts Mervyn Paice and Clifford Martin, who were kidnapped, tortured and killed by Zionist terrorist gang Irgun in July 1947. Lady Renouf describes how she first learned of the history of this period from British servicemen, notably Eric Lowe, author of Forgotten Conscripts and Palestine Remembered, and introduces her film featuring an interview with Mr Lowe by the late Phillip Knightley.
49 mins

Available now for £10 (please add £2.50 for overseas orders).




Ernst Zundel - Out and Unbowed

A DVD tribute to the late, great Ernst Zündel, filmed on the day of his release from Mannheim prison.

Available for £10 (+£2.99 UK postage, or £4.99 for worldwide postage).

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This film concerns two young Germans briefly interviewed by Lady Renouf in Koblenz, Germany, in August 2015, who have suffered two years imprisonment on remand, and a further two years of court proceedings, for fear that their peaceful opinions might influence others.
One example of their so-called crimes is their respectful attendance at regular marches commemorating postwar mass murder of German prisoners in the 'Rhine Meadow Camps', where they were confined without shelter, food or sanitation by the occupying U.S. forces under Gen. Eisenhower.
This barbaric treatment is now exposed in 'Other Losses', a book by James Bacque and accompanying film produced by Robert Steinert.




Horst Mahler - Brandenburg Prison demonstrationHorst Mahler - Jailing the Lawyers

Jailing the Lawyers Part I includes speeches from a demonstration outside Brandenburg Prison near Berlin, where attorney Horst Mahler was incarcerated by the German state for his "opinion crimes".

Jailing the Lawyers Part II includes Lady Michèle Renouf's interview with Horst Mahler, filmed near Munich, in which he discusses the oppression of researchers, scientists, lawyers and others in today's Germany – and his interview in Vanity Fair with the Jewish activist Michel Friedman, which formed part of the case against him.

This 2-DVD set is available for £12 (+ £3.99 UK p&p or £7 worldwide).



A 2-DVD set featuring Horst Mahler interviewed by Lady Michèle Renouf in March 2008. The first DVD discusses questions of identity and spirituality, before Horst Mahler's 13-year prison sentence for his non-violent opinions and defence of revisionist clients.

On the second DVD Horst Mahler explains the barbaric laws enforced in Germany and across Europe where scientists, historians and other sceptics – including their lawyers – are jailed for their pursuit of free historical enquiry!

This 2-DVD set is available for £12 (+ £3.99 UK p&p or £7 worldwide).




8-minute highlights: available for £5 (incl UK postage, please add £2.50 for overseas postage)



Jonathan BOWDEN
The Nation's Best Orator
4 DVD collection of eight presentations

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The late Jonathan Bowden featured in eight presentations at London events, 2009-2012.

DVD 1: Jonathan Bowden introduces Lady Michèle Renouf – We couldn't get the Bishop, so we've got the actress;
+ Bowden on The Real Meaning of Punch & Judy

DVD 2: Bowden on Western Civilisation – a bullet through steel
+ Bowden on Vanguardism – Hope for our Race

DVD 3: Bowden on Gabriele d'Annunzio
+ Bowden on Yukio Mishima

DVD 4: Bowden on The Soviet Gulag
+ Bowden on Charles Maurras, Action Française and The Cagoule

This 4 DVD set is available from Telling Films for £15, + £3.50 postage & packing (UK), or £6 postage and packing (worldwide)

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The Legacy of Manfred Roeder


Excerpts above from the new Telling Films DVD – The Legacy of Manfred Roeder (1929-2014), lawyer and guardian of German heritage.

Also free with this DVD is a six-minute DVD of a German television report in 2017 from Manfred's former home in Hessen, described by German press and TV as the 'Reichshof'. While gardening one morning, Lady Renouf finds herself being filmed by a TV camera crew stationed at the entrance to the property.

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Bad Nenndorf 2013 and 2014:
Mourning the Victims,
Naming the Culprits

in English and German

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Relocating Israel

Lady Michèle Renouf interviewed by Prof. Rodney Shakespeare, Al Etejah TV, 2014

Eric Lowe – British servicemen in Palestine 1945-1948 considered: "European Jews going to Palestine after two millennia to take it for themselves would be like Romans claiming Britain after an absence of two millennia."

Renouf calls for a UN resolution in support of the first Jewish Homeland option of the Jewish Republic of Birobidjan – STILL the only all round peaceful safe haven for Jewry: Free Gaza, Free the World.

available for £5 (incl UK postage - please add £2.50 for overseas postage)




Dresden Holocaust 1945

As Queen Elizabeth II opens a memorial to the 55,000 members of the Royal Air Force Bomber Command who died during the Second World War, increasing numbers of Britons are questioning the history and legacy of that conflict.

The political leaders (principally Prime Minister Winston Churchill) who sent those men of Bomber Command to their deaths – as well as condemning 500,000 German civilians to be burned alive across sixty towns and cities that were devastated in a deliberate bombing strategy – are now seen by some as war criminals.

Moreover the influence of these criminal policies can be seen in the approach of today’s Washington-London-Jerusalem axis, with American and British bombers again sent into foreign skies to terrorize civilians, in pursuit of an alien agenda that does nothing to enhance the security of the USA or the UK.

Telling Films has produced a new DVD which calls the criminal politicians to account and sets the record straight. In the process the film celebrates the small but significant group of influential Britons who even during the Second World War condemned the terror bombing policy.

This heroic band of true beacons of justice included George Bell, Bishop of Chichester; Lord Hankey, founding father of the 20th century British government machinery; Sir Charles Snow, government scientist and author; and the Rt. Hon. Richard Stokes MP, England’s leading Roman Catholic politician of the 1940s, a socialist patriot who combined his condemnation of terror bombing with insights into the insidious threat of international usury, communist expansion and Zionist subversion.

Entitled Dresden Holocaust 1945: An Apology to Germany is Due, the new Telling Films DVD combines archive material and footage from the 1940s; new film of a Dresden anniversary commemoration outside the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey; insights on Churchill's bombing policy by the historian David Irving, author of the definitive history of the Dresden holocaust, Apocalypse 1945: The Destruction of Dresden; and commentary from veteran political activist Richard Edmonds, peace campaigner Dr James Thring and documentary producer and free debate defender Lady Michèle Renouf.

As a supplement to this film, a second DVD includes Richard Stokes: Socialist Patriot, Opponent of Terror Bombing and Defender of Palestine, an address given in London by political analyst and broadcaster Peter Rushton, assistant editor of Heritage and Destiny. Mr Rushton sets Stokes’s courageous statements opposing the Churchill government’s bombing campaign in the context of his religious and political views, including attempts at a negotiated peace in 1939-40 and Stokes’s involvement in the notorious Tyler Kent affair, when an American cypher clerk was imprisoned for threatening to disclose Winston Churchill’s secret communications with President Roosevelt, which sought to ensnare the U.S. in a European conflict.

The DVD Dresden Holocaust 1945 is dedicated to the publisher Tony Hancock (1947-2012) and is available for £9.99 + £3.50 postage and packing (UK and European Union countries); or £9.99 + £5 postage and packing (worldwide outside EU).

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Two brief excerpts below feature British historian David Irving speaking in London in 2012.


DVD videos (£5 each)

Showreel sample (1987-2007) from Michèle Renouf's acting career in worldwide television advertising - a lifelong career which became strikingly relevant to her later career as a documentary filmmaker in the field she terms "political mispackaging and plausible swindlespeak."

duration 10 mins


Lady Renouf in Sacramento

Lady Renouf's awakening to revisionism and a successful resistance to Jewish 'Defence' League sabotage. From the Sacramento Conference 2004.


19th April 2004: 55 minutes


Prof. Norman Finkelstein debates the Tehran Holocaust Review Conference 2006 with Lady Renouf who, as an elected member of the Tehran Fact Finding Committee, invites him to the next Holocaust Review Conference and brings to the surface his unscientific "bottom line".
Sahar Television, January 2007

duration 55 mins


Defence analyst Paul Ingram (executive director of the British American Security Information Council) interviews Prof. George Lambrakis (former CIA station chief in Tehran) and Lady Renouf, who debate the significance of the French presidential elections. Renouf challenges the professor who concedes which rogue WMD nation he repeatedly omits.
Sahar Television, 20th April 2007

duration 55 mins


Danish philologist Dr Christian Lindtner and fellow Tehran Conference Committee member
Lady Renouf discuss the Western media's propaganda war against Iran. Lindtner and Renouf hold that the best of the West and Iran share a Classical heritage which respects Socratic scientific attitude.
Sahar Television, 21st June 2007

duration 40 mins


Sociologist Dr M. Saeed Bahmanpour of the Islamic College for Advanced Studies, Middlesex University, interviews Lady Renouf, pioneering lecturer in Media Studies at Queensland University of Technology, and political commentator and webmaster Peter Rushton. They discuss: 'Fraudulent Freedoms and Feminism'. On DVD it includes an additional segment from the televised debate on Is London Good for Islam? during which Renouf asks, rather, is London (HQ for UK foreign policy) good for Islam?
IRIB Television's Insight, December 2007

duration: 32 mins


Press TV's Between the Headlines, guests Lady Renouf and journalist Joe Mackertich. Among the topics Renouf introduces the book Forgotten Conscripts by British Palestine veteran (1945-48) Eric Lowe, and explains how filming his ignored between the headlines eyewitness account in 2001 necessitated her career in documentary filmmaking in order to bring it to light. Renouf's first film Palestine Scrapbook, which was screened in both Houses of Parliament, is archived at St. Antony's College, Oxford.

Press TV, 15th May 2008



Press TV panel discussion on the 60th Anniversary of the Nakba, features Palestinian academic Dr Mahdi Abd el-Hadi, Lady Renouf and Benjamin Netanyahu's PR strategist Dmitry Shimelfarb. Renouf's introduction into the discussion of the little known but 81-year-old existence of the peaceful first Jewish Homeland Birobidjan - the size of Switzerland on the Russian-Chinese border - sparks rage in Netanyahu's New Yorker PR man.

Press TV, 20th May 2008

duration: 56 mins


Michèle, Lady Renouf interviewed by IRIB television explains the Zionist deception in relation to Birobidjan, the first Jewish Homeland where no political impediment existed in 1946 to them, and which was created twenty years before the unwarranted pirating of Palestine. Renouf asks: "which option is preferable and makes all-round common sense"?

duration 20 minutes


Trailer for the Telling Films DVD release of Israel in Flagrante: Caught in Acts of Twistspeak, featuring anti-Zionist Neturei Karta rabbis who expose the Zionist "secular Covenantal bargain" agenda. Referring to the British veterans who served in Palestine 1945-48, Renouf too thinks as they did at the time that European Jews going to Palestine to claim it for themselves after two millennia was as preposterous as Romans today expecting to be welcomed to "disappear" the indigenous British and claim Britain for themselves. Including a new interview with Christian-Zionist Baroness Cox on the evening when she sponsored the House of Lords screening of the anti-Islamic film Fitna. Renouf asks: Is it now permitted to make a film critical of the anti-gentile Jewish Talmud?

duration 10 mins


Excerpts from Arresting Opinions, the forthcoming DVD release from Telling Films which heralds the victory over the European Arrest Warrant in the case of Dr. Fredrick Töben, protecting the UK from this backdoor legal precedent enforcing debate denial Then in its aftermath a press conference features the French veteran revisionist Prof. Robert Faurisson, who heroically took Dr. Töben's place in London to demystify the source-critical "monster" called Revisionism.

duration 20 mins


Also available - Deteniendo Opiniones: a Spanish language version of the above excerpts from the Arresting Opinions DVD featuring Prof. Robert Faurisson and others on the Töben case.

duration: 20 minutes


Lady Michele Renouf at the Frankfurt Book Fair Stefan Kaus at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Free Opinion in Frankfurt: Mrs Ursula Haverbeck and German freedom of opinion demonstrators at the international forum of the Frankfurt Book Fair. From the floor Stefan Kaus and Lady Michèle Renouf of Telling Films pose their questions to the panel. Renouf denounces ‘The Guidelines for Teaching about the Holocaust’ as contrary to our Classical Socratic traditions.

duration: 10 minutes


Inside Britain's Pro-Israel Lobby: Lady Renouf interviewed in December 2009 for Iranian Television's Lunchtime Live, discusses the controversy over the recent broadcast by Channel Four of a Dispatches documentary on the Israel Lobby


December 4th 2009   duration: 27 minutes


Lady Renouf introduces Prologue to Israel in Flagrante

Lady Renouf presents a trailer for the Telling Films DVD release of Israel in Flagrante - Caught in Acts of Turnspeak. Includes interviews with anti-Zionist Neturei Karta rabbis who speak of the "secular Covenantal bargain" which led to the creation of the State of Israel. British servicemen on active duty in Palestine 1945-48 speak of their experiences, and say that "European Jews going to Palestine to claim it for themselves after two millennia is as preposterous as Romans today coming to claim Britain for themselves."


duration: 15 minutes


27th January 2010
At the House of Lords on a discussion of: "State Terrorism and Libya's record of human rights: Fact or Fiction?" six critics from the floor challenge the definition of state terrorism and raise the stumbling block of the UN Security Council's privileged veto.

duration: 10 minutes 


Zion 2012

March 2011
I nterviews with Lady Renouf and London lawyer Philip Bree, exposing the logo for the 2012 London Olympics, which spells out the word "Zion", in celebration of the predatory state in Palestine founded in the year of the previous London Olympics - 1948. They explain the background to this affair: the "brand consultants" and advertising agencies with close ties to leading Zionists and the Western political establishment; the influence of Freemasonry among the founders of the modern Olympics, such as their main instigator Baron Pierre de Coubertin; and the occult/Masonic significance of the famous Olympic symbol.


duration: 20 minutes 

Horst Mahler demonstration - Brandenburg

26th March 2011:

'Jailing the Lawyers' - Free Horst Mahler!

A demonstration outside Brandenburg Prison, where the German attorney Horst Mahler is incarcerated for opinion crimes. Included interviews with Horst Mahler and extracts from speeches by fellow attorney Wolfram Nahrath, veteran German rights activist Ursula Haverbeck, Richard Edmonds and Lady Renouf.

In English and German

NB: This DVD costs £7.99

duration: 29 minutes  

IRIB debate featuring Lady Renouf

Abbas Palestine seeks UN membership ... what Hamas calls "a political scam"

A live debate on prime time Iranian television in September 2011, guests are Dr Wafik Moustafa (Chairman of the Conservative Arab Network) and Lady Michèle Renouf (documentary film-maker).

duration: 53 minutes 

Renouf in Tripoli

My 2011 New Year Project with Col. Gaddafi about the UN and the First Jewish Republic: an uniquely illustrated talk on nationalism by Lady M. Renouf.

Includes material filmed in Tripoli in January 2011 and in London, December 2011.

NB: This DVD costs £7.99


duration: 63 minutes

Murder by Mossad

Iranian television channel (English language) Sahar 2 in the live 'Spectrum Iran' programme broadcast worldwide, with guests Dr Abu Mohammad Asgharkani, Professor of Political Science at the University of Teheran, and Lady Michèle Renouf, media analyst and anti-war campaigner. They discuss the culpability of the Zionist state and the Zionised USA in the murder of the young Iranian scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, blown up by Mossad's terrorist bomb a few days earlier. Of all the US presidential candidates, only Ron Paul stands for a policy consistent with his nation's Jeffersonian traditions, and would end Washington's meddling in other nations and servile acquiescence in Zionist terror campaigns.

 duration: 40 minutes
January 2012
Lady Renouf at London Forum July 2016

Lady Renouf speaking at the London Forum in July 2016 tells of her visit that month to Paris, where she appeared as sole defence witness at the trial of French Professor Robert Faurisson. France is one of many countries where normal historical research is criminalised: this latest trial related to Prof. Faurisson’s speech at the Teheran International Conference 2006, (more than 3,000 miles from Paris and ten years ago!).  Then French President Jacques Chirac insisted that a way must be found to prosecute the half-Scot, half-French Professor for his heretical investigation of the alleged mass murder of 6 million European Jews in presumed homicidal gas chambers.  In her defence testimony, Lady Renouf undermined key aspects of the prosecution case by explaining the true circumstances of the Teheran conference, (in which she too participated). She then revealed to a packed courtroom the astonishing “Guidelines for Teaching about the Holocaust” issued to teachers worldwide by the Stockholm International Forum 2000 – a conference set up at the instigation of Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and the Government of Israel.

duration: 58 minutes
July 2017


CD Audio (£5 each)

Daryl Bradford Smith's radio show The French Connection interviews Lady Renouf as an eyewitness to the Real History trials of David Irving in 2000 and 2006. She explains:

  • why the oxymoronic movement of 'Christian Zionism' equals "Jesus loves you but I'm his favourite";
  • why 'anti-semitism' is a propaganda term intending to make genetic what is really mimetic behaviour, for you don't have to be Jewish to be Jew-ish;
  • and why the debate-denying, anti-gentile strategy of "demonising, ostracising and criminalising" is incompatible with authentic Western traditions.

February 2006
duration: 48 mins


David Duke interviews Lady Renouf in February 2007. They discuss the anti-gentile Talmud; the novel Schindler's List (often referred to as Swindler's List as it is often misleadingly labelled non-fiction); their attendance at the Tehran Conference two months earlier; and the topic of Dr Duke's book Jewish Supremacism.

2 CD SET: £10

2 CDs; duration 97 mins


Ognir of The Info Underground interviews Lady Renouf in May 2008 about:

  • pro-Zionist penetration of UK foreign policy since 1858, touching on Israeli drafted laws and the false packaging of the EU's currently controversial Lisbon Treaty.
  • Similarly the warmongering priorities of pro-zionist foreign policy in the USA, leaving only budgetary crumbs for domestic US interests and exploited US taxpayers.
  • Topics include the "Criminalising War" call from former Malaysian prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad; and the vindication of King Ibn Saud's prophecy when this hero of the Arab Revolt forecast catastrophe in 1945: "the mountains will tremble at what the Jews claim in Palestine, both materially and spiritually."
  • Personal background relating to Wikipedia and press libels, as well as the demonisation of anti-Zionist academics such as the UK's Dr Nicholas Kollerstrom.

2 CD SET: £10

2CDs total duration 100 mins


Daryl Bradford Smith's radio show The French Connection interviews Lady Renouf in October 2008. Both agree that free speech does not come free; we must fight bravely for it since "truth is no defence" in jew-ish drafted laws and court processes concerning historical revisionists, who are denied the right to present forensic findings or expert source-critical testimony to support their defence. Issues discussed include the arrest of Australian source-critical revisionist educator Dr Töben and the jailing of European lawyers such as Sylvia Stolz, prosecuted for defending their revisionist clients "too well", in the words of the sentencing judge.

duration: 60 mins


Jim Giles of Radio Free Mississippi interviews Lady Renouf in November 2008.
From a psychology of religion standpoint, Renouf discusses the difference between the New and Old Testaments and the danger of assessing religions only in terms of their similarity, i.e. politely obscuring a predatory creed by seeing only the similarity between shark and dolphin.
They discuss the arrest and legal defence assembled for historical source-critical academic Dr Fredrick Töben in London.

duration 79 minutes



Dr David Duke discusses the real terrorists in the Middle East - Israel's attack on Gaza - with Lady Renouf who identifies the 1896 blueprint for Herzl's Jewish State whose policy then as now was to "disappear" the indigenous people of Palestine, as we witness today in the chronic culling in Gaza. Dr Duke provides the insightful commentary on Zionism which is notably absent from the mainstream media, as he discusses his book Jewish Supremacism.

January 2009   duration: 36 minutes





World Zionism's 1897 Blueprint for Genocide:
Jewish State Policy in Gaza

Liberty Hour radio co-hosts Phil Tourney (survivor of Israel's deliberate attacks on USS Liberty) and Mark Glenn (of Crescent & Cross) interview Alastair Crooke of Conflicts Forum (a former MI6 officer forced out of the British intelligence service by Israeli opposition) and Lady Michèle Renouf (who archived on film the eyewitness of British veterans of Palestine 1945-48) on the state policy of genocide in Gaza.


2 CD SET: £10

18th January 2009: 2 CD set
duration 120 minutes




Leading U.S. radio host Jeff Rense interviews Lady Renouf, who describes the "compound usury" in the bullying of British Bishop Richard Williamson and the Vatican by Jewish "First Covenant" supremacists who meddle in Christian hermeneutics with their anti-Gentile rabbinical and "Holocaust" dogma.
Renouf reminds listeners that the U.S. Constitution, indeed Western civilisation, is founded advisedly on the four inseparable Classical Virtues identified by Plato and celebrated by Thomas Jefferson.

5th March 2009
duration 41 mins







BBC Radio 4's main news programme The World at One interviews Lady Renouf and Lord (Greville) Janner, chairman of the Holocaust Educational Trust, on the day of Bishop Williamson's expulsion back to Britain by an Argentine government cowering before the World Zionism Lobby.

BBC World Service hosts debate on 'Why Can't We Question the Holocaust?', with main guests Lady Renouf and Prof. Deborah Lipstadt

25th February 2009
duration 61 mins






available FREE with every order of the Telling Films DVD Jailing Opinions



Mark Dankof of the U.S. radio station Republic Broadcasting Network interviews Lady Renouf, March 2009.
Mr Dankof warns of the dangers of a takeover by the advocates of globalisation, central banking and World Zionism; Renouf identifies the political twistspeak obscuring the public's view of these developments.

duration 80 mins









Ebrahim Moosa of the South African radio channel Cii (Channel Islam International) interviews Lady Renouf and Mark Weber, director of the Institute for Historical Review, on world media bias in the reporting of the Gaza invasion, influenced by Israel's systematic denial of media access to the frontline.


2 CD SET: £10

2 CD set duration 105 mins




Ebrahim Gangat, of South African-based international radio channel Cii's Prime Time, interviews Lady Renouf and Rabbi Aharon Cohen of the Neturei Karta: topics include President Ahmadinejad's speech to the Durban II conference, with the debate-denying trial commencing that day of Gerd Honsik reinforcing the President's case.

duration 20 mins


Cii Global Dynamics interview on 15th May 2009 with Lady Renouf by Inayat Wadee on The Dominance of Judaism. The interview (followed by listeners' phone-in questions) covers related topics testifying to the Iranian President Dr Ahmadinejad's truthful speech in Geneva at the Durban II conference. At this conference in April 2009 the Iranian President pointed out the deep penetration of Zionist policy and its barbaric values into every Western institution.

Topics include:
Disc 1
- Why is Renouf regarded by Wiesenthal Centre as "pretty dangerous"?
- "Holocaust-denial" versus debate-denial and the Durban II walkout
- forensic enquiry versus eyewitness hearsay
- the persecution and jailing of academics and their lawyers: Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zundel, Prof. Robert Faurisson, David Irving, Vincent Reynouard, Gerd Honsik, Dr Fredrick Toben, Horst Mahler, Sylvia Stolz and Dr Herbert Schaller
Disc 2
- arresting Representative David Duke means the legacy abandoned of Thomas Jefferson
- Dieudonné, the French Cameroonian who heads the official Anti-Zionist Party in France
- the first Jewish Homeland option is still viable: see the All-Round Commonsense Campaign at www.

2 CD SET: £10

2 CDS: duration 90 minutes



Lady Michele Renouf at the European Parliament


As the U.S. Congress imposes the fraud of ‘hate speech’ laws, The Patriot Dames interviews Lady Michèle Renouf about the European prototype of debate-denying opinion crime. Dr Tom Sunic joins in. Hear Renouf, who went ‘behind enemy lines’ in the European Parliament to expose Netanyahu’s UN deception and to credit Prof. Robert Faurisson with his 1976 discovery of the true Auschwitz ‘blueprints’. Renouf dedicates broadcast to Jürgen Rieger, attorney for normal forensic justice without exception in Germany.

Jim Giles of Radio Free Mississippi interviews Lady Michèle Renouf, against the backcloths of Sherlock Holmesian forensics and the U.S. Founding Fathers' shrewd and predator-wary U.S. Constitution.
Renouf calls for a new lexicon to combat the compounding of Jew-ish usury by sly definitions mispackaged like advertising-copy. They discuss race preservation, classical heritage and authentic nationalism - and how these are subverted by swindlespeak politics and backseat driving World Zionism.

8th December 2009  duration: 77 minutes


Lady Renouf interviewed

Lady Renouf interviewed by Carolyn Yeager of the Heretics' Hour on Reason Radio Network.

Topics include:

The trial of David Irving, and some lessons learned
The psychology of religion: Judaism vs. Christianity & Islam
The importance of Fredrick Töben’s court victory for the case of Bishop Richard Williamson
And more...

19th July 2010 duration 53 minutes


Lady Renouf interviewed

Lady Renouf interviewed by Carolyn Yeager of the Heretics' Hour show on Reason Radio Network

Topics include:
Why Israel has no “right to exist”
Attendance and talk before Pres. Ahmadinajad at Iran Conference in June
The Jewish Republic of Birobidjan and the UN
And more...


26th July 2010 duration 52 minutes

CD audio version of Lady Renouf's awakening to revisionism and a successful resistance to Jewish 'Defence' League sabotage. From the Sacramento Conference 2004.


19th April 2004: duration 54 minutes


Lady Renouf interviewed by Deanna Spingola

Lady Renouf interviewed by the Republic Broadcasting Network's Deanna Spingola, opening the "Ernst Zündel Week" - a series of programmes dedicated to the heroic German-Canadian who spent years in prison.

Topics include: Re-educative slogans, why the Middle East's chant should not be 'Death to America!' but 'Death to Zionist America!'; Gathafi's Green Book and perspicacity on UN and Zion; warnings shared by traditional SSPX Christianity and the Koran regarding Talmud and Middoth; Breaking the Fear Barrier - European Civilisation's Four Inseparable Classical Virtues; Manfred Roeder's Axis for Survival Manifesto and Bernard Schaub's European Action.

2 CD SET: £10

9th May 2011: 2CD set - c. 120 minutes