published 20th January 2012

Track down war criminals

I see that Alex Carlile is very pleased with his CBE for investigating terrorism, perhaps he should now investigate David Cameron, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair for war crimes as they have all authorised attacks on foreign countries that had not attacked us.

They are responsible for the murder, maiming and endangering British armed services personnel for no vital British interest. As a result of all these wars the British people are no better off and more despised around the world.

Only the Falklands, Northern Ireland or Gibraltar represent legitimate British interests. Only these or we being otherwise attacked or threatened could justify any military action.

This was not the case with Iraq, Afghanistan or for that matter Libya. The real reason for these interventions was regime change using humanitarian concerns as a disguise. As a result hundreds of thousands of civilians have been killed. A true British government should concern itself with the well being of our own people and not go off around the world intervening in other people's disputes.

The British should be pulled out of Afghanistan like the Soviet Union did, indeed we shall have to do so sooner or later, with the same results. Better sooner than later as it is not worth one serviceman's life.

After a fair trial David, Tony and Gordon can spend a long time behind bars, else who knows what other wars we shall get embroiled in.

Alex Carlile would then truly have earned his CBE. Beware of leader David Cameron getting us into another with Iran.

Milton Ellis
Newtown, Powys


The above letter was printed in the 20th January 2012 edition of The County Times