Half a Century Before Hitler

I have just viewed the short film above - Palestine/Israel History since 1878 - and about this it is VITAL to point out what others appear never to do ... and that is, to show how this video keeps up the consensual fallacy of Israel's reason to exist.

This film's account (like all others I have seen) promotes the usual deception that the Palestinians are victims of The Victim (The "Holocaust Survivors"). This plausible imposture ignores World Zionist Congress founder Theodor Herzl's Jewish State policy, diaried in 1895, established by the first World Zionist Congress in 1897, and implemented with premeditated genocide of non-Jews in Palestine by successive Zionist generations. Herzl's disingenuous Jewish State terror policy was established half a century before Hitler attempted to drive out the treacherous occupation of ethically incompatible and anti-gentile organised European Jewry. From Israel's inception, the World Zionist policy (as we witness to this day) meant to terrorise the indigenous good-natured Palestinians out of their peaceful ancestral homeland. The expendable Palestinians were to "disappear" wrote Herzl, to be replaced by European Jewry who had no moral claim to the land other than his "solution to [Judaic-prompted] antisemitism". Thus, "Holocaust" or otherwise, whatever happened half a century later in 1945 had nothing to do with prompting World Zionism's 1895 plan to pirate Palestine. This piracy's purpose was fabricating a mythic imposture of a "promised land" enabling a World Zionist HQ, free from international condemnation and supervision, to amass a still undeclared desert stadium full of criminal WMD.

This actual historical sequence of intentions must be clarified before any just peace can ever be established. (I, for one, have set my Telling Films course upon taking the wind out of the currently unassailable Zionist swindlespeak!)

Whilst the world remains unaware that there already exists a suitable, peaceful option for a safe Jewish State -- (and there is one, already in existence since 1928 in the first vast Jewish homeland Birobidjan) -- there can be no humane hope, the like of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammed's initiative to Criminalise War. As long as World Zionism holds the savage reins of its greed mystique (emboldened by "the terrible power of our purse" as Herzl bragged), it will trot out plausible, false reasons for whipping gullible, sulliable gentiles into performing its proxy war-mongering Torah/Talmudic bidding.

Let's snap out of trailing in (what the late, great French Ambassador Daniel Bernard termed) Israel's "sh*tty little" thrall.

Lady Michèle Renouf
Telling Films, London