10th November 2011

email to the Deputy Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP

Dear Mr Clegg

I am forwarding our letter below to the Foreign Secretary, asking him not to join the Israeli terror threat against Iran's peaceful civil nuclear facilities.  I hope you will voice strong opposition at the next Cabinet Meeting addressing this new impending series of War Crimes.

Iran is not a threat to Israel. But before any other action is taken, Israel should be embargoed by the UN until it signs up to the NNPT, stops commiting crimes against the Palestinians and returns to those betrayed indigenous inhabitants of the Holy Land their Human Rights, their political prisoners, their refugees, their land, water and other resources.

Yours sincerely

Dr James B Thring


Ministry of Peace
139 Vauxhall Street   London SE11 5LL 


9th November 2011

The Rt Hon William Hague MP, Foreign Secretary
King Charles Street

Dear Foreign Secretary


The UK should veto rather than venture in the Israeli conspiracy to attack Iran.  Sir Malcolm Rifkind’s argument that bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities would be the ‘least bad option’ - to avoid a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, is myopic.  Israel is the greatest threat to Muslim countries while Iran, a Muslim country, is not.  As Israeli nuclear weapons have not triggered an arms race the idea that Iran would is illogical. Attacking Iran would, apart from killing innocent Iranians, trigger anti-Israel, anti-West counter-attacks.

Israel illegally acquired at least 200 nuclear bombs by 1986, has not signed the NNPT and has deceived US inspectors, whereas Iran signed up, opened up to IAEA surveillance and even signed an Additional restrictive Protocol.  Iran is thus unlikely to use nuclear weapons, if it had any, against Israel as:
a) Israel will always have superiority in this capability; it would be suicidal;
b) the US will probably support Israel with more WMD deployment;
c) the Muslim population and Holy Shrines in Palestine would be endangered;
d) starting such a war is against Muslim clerical principles.

The ‘new’ IAEA report is over 10 years old, before Iran abandoned plans to develop nuclear capability.  The IAEA and 17 US intelligence agencies have since observed that Iran has a clean record in keeping her nuclear programme for civil purposes.

Israel persistently misrepresents President Ahmadi-Nijad’s speech in 2006 referring to the ‘Zionist Entity being removed from the pages of history’: He could not, would not attempt to ‘wipe Israel off the map’ as they falsely claim.  He meant that no one, including devout Jews, will want Israel’s horrific crimes against the Palestinians remembered in their history.

To further embroil the UK in another Middle East conflict on behalf of a foreign power would at best be immoral, since Israel is guilty of War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, Apartheid and many other Human Rights abuses, which should be taken to the ICC and which cannot be assuaged by attacking Iran, a champion of Palestinian Human Rights.  At worst it would be Treason, as this would commit HM Forces to aid a foreign potentate commit War Crimes and inter alia encompass counter-attacks which may threaten the lives of Queen and her countrymen.

We and LAAW (Legal Action Against War) will seek an Injunction against this action in the High Court under the ICC Act (2002) and the Treason Acts 

Yours sincerely with great respect

Dr James B Thring (author ‘Peace with Iran’)