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David Irving arrives at the Oxford Union

Oxford victory for freedom and real history!

Security guards at the Oxford Union for the David Irving meeting
Security guards outside the Union's St Michael's St entrance prepare to confront mob

After seven previous invitations had been withdrawn under the combined pressure of influential British Jews and far left thugs, the historian David Irving finally fulfilled a longstanding engagement to address the Oxford Union on Monday November 26th.

Union members had voted by 62% to 38% in favour of continuing with the invitation, which had the support of the Jewish MP for Oxford West & Abingdon, Dr Evan Harris. Union officers including President Luke Tryl made clear that they did not necessarily agree with the conclusions Mr irving has drawn from historical research, but they nonetheless insisted on his right to express those views in open debate.

A mob of the usual suspects rejected this free speech argument, and special security measures had to be in place on Monday night to prevent the Oxford Union's buildings being overrun.

Arriving late in the afternoon, the JailingOpinions.com webmaster (himself an Oxford Union member) and Lady Michèle Renouf were treated with great courtesy by the Union's officers and staff, and were impressed by their determination (under great pressure) to proceed with this controversial event.

David Irving arrived about 5.30 pm and was taken to an annex of the Union's Library, with its famous Pre-Raphaelite murals by William Morris, Edward Burne-Jones and Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

Matters were becoming considerably less civilised outside, as many of the 450 Union members with tickets for the event had difficulty forcing their way through a dense crowd of opponents. Thames Valley police failed to prevent the persistent obstruction of St Michael's Street.

Worse was to follow as several dozen demonstrators scaled the Union walls and stormed the debating chamber, about thirty minutes before the scheduled start of the event. Again the police did nothing to prevent this blatant illegality, but after forceful objections from Union members, the demonstrators left the building.

Only the courageous determination of the Union's own officers and staff prevented a victory for the anti-free speech rabble. Having allowed the problem in the first place by their own incompetence, the police now insisted that it would be unsafe for members not already in the debating chamber to make their way across the gardens.

The event therefore had to be split into two. David Irving, Evan Harris MP, and Telegraph columnist Anne Atkins spoke in the debating chamber, while BNP chairman Nick Griffin and two student debaters spoke in the Macmillan Room, a restaurant above the New Library.

David Irving spoke in the chamber of the Oxford Union
David Irving spoke in the debating chamber of the Oxford Union, whose former presidents include five British prime ministers

BNP chairman Nick Griffin spoke in the Oxford Union's Macmillan Room, after being unable to gain access to the debating chamber

Apoplectic with impotent rage, George Galloway MP told the press that he would have favoured storming the building to prevent the meeting. The irony of course is that the forces aiming to silence David Irving and jail scholars across Europe for their opinions are exactly the same forces which conspired to destroy George Galloway because of his views on the Middle East.

Links to press coverage of the event, David Irving's own account, and a surprisingly fair report by a Jewish student, are on David Irving's website.



Lee Jasper

The most predictable denunciation of the Oxford Union came from Lee Jasper, who draws a £120,000 salary from the longsuffering council tax payers of London as race adviser to Mayor Ken Livingstone.

In addition to his salary, Mr Jasper presides over a vast empire of interlocking anti-racist foundations, initiatives and lobby groups drawing lavish public grants. (UPDATE: within days of this article being published on JailingOpinions.com Mr Jasper was the subject of an in depth exposé in the London Evening Standard under the front page headline "Ken's Aide and Lost Millions". Anthony Mayer, London's Chief Executive, assured the public that "no formal investigation of Lee Jasper by the Greater London Authority is taking place", but following further investigations Mr Jasper resigned from his job on 4th March 2008 and he was severely criticised in a later independent inquiry.)

Mr Jasper blatantly threatened Oxford students in the run-up to the debate:
The Oxford Union is jeopardising the safety of the students by continuing with this event. It is not too late to rescind these invites – Oxford Union gathers growing condemnation with every moment it continues being complicit with a meeting promoting fascism and Holocaust denial.

Back in 1995 Mr Jasper lost his job training police officers in race awareness after he made a violently anti-police speech in Brixton which some officers blamed for inflaming a riot.

Another individual who has profited greatly from the "anti-fascist" industry is Glyn Ford, a Labour Member of the European Parliament, who was among the noisy rabble outside the Oxford Union trying to disrupt the November 26th event.

Mr Ford was exposed by a press investigation in 1999 which showed that European parliamentary funds intended for office and secretarial expenses were used to pay his bills for laundry and drycleaning, gardening, decorating, council tax and utilities.

Glyn Ford demonstrating against David Irving at the Oxford Union
Glyn Ford MEP giving his support to the anti-free speech mob

Messrs Jasper and Ford should have heard David Irving's reference during his Oxford Union speech to George Orwell. For Orwell's dystopian vision in 1984 seems uncannily similar to the type of Britain which Jasper, Ford and their New Labour Zionist cronies wish to build:
If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever


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