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Georges Theil
Georges Theil faces jail
on January 8th 2008

Vincent Reynouard
Vincent Reynouard given
12 month jail sentence

Neturei Karta HQ destroyed by arson
Neturei Karta attacked
arson destroys dissident Jews' HQ

Ernst Zundel
Ernst Zündel - five year jail sentence

Robert Faurisson
Robert Faurisson - new translation of Tehran interview

Germar Rudolf
Germar Rudolf - 30 month jail sentence

David Irving
David Irving - speech to Oxford Union breaks anti-revisionist taboo

Lady Renouf's DVD Jailing Opinions

The background to the worldwide persecution of Holocaust revisionists is examined in Lady Renouf's new DVD Jailing Opinions, reviewed here.

Further information about Ernst Zündel's battle for truth and justice can be found at the Zündelsite

Free Ernst Zundel

Israeli imperialism

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