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The Jailing Opinions DVD from Telling Films, produced by human rights campaigner Lady Michèle Renouf, examines the extraordinary assault on academic freedom currently under way throughout Europe.

Jailing Opinions DVD by Lady Michele Renouf

Jailing Opinions DVD by Lady Michele Renouf

Currently available as a special online offer including a free CD of two new Renouf radio interviews on BBC Radio about the persecution of Bishop Williamson. Includes live BBC debate:"Why can't we question the Holocaust?"

Each televised interview found on this site is available on DVD for those without the requisite software/connection to view online.
A donation to defray costs and to support the ongoing outreach work of Telling Films would be appreciated.
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Lady Renouf and Prof George Lambrakis debate the French presidential election
Lady Renouf debates the relevance of the French elections - Sahar TV - April 20th 2007

Lady Renouf on Sahar TV
Lady Renouf and Prof Christian Lindtner discuss the media propaganda war against Iran - Sahar TV - June 21st 2007

Prof Norman Finkelstein discusses the Tehran Holocaust Review conference with Lady Renouf - January 2007

Lady Michèle Renouf attended the International Tehran Conference in 2006 investigating the historical basis of the Holocaust. Lady Renouf's speech from the conference, and comments by Michael Collins Piper and Bradley Smith, can be read here.

Robert Faurisson's Tehran conference paper can be read here.

Call for Bush-Blair war crimes charges

Gordon Brown shows who's boss



Video of Lady Renouf debating with Professor Norman Finkelstein, author of The Holocaust Industry, can be seen on YouTube.

Video: the Renouf-Finkelstein debate

Whatever one thinks of Prof. Finkelstein's arguments, one must respect his willingness to debate with some opponents. This contrasts with the bullying style so often adopted by defenders of orthodox Holocaust history.

A recent example of this bullying style comes from the Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, who says in a March 2007 column that "no university or group that would not invite David Duke should lend its imprimatur to Finkelstein's poison. Duke and Finkelstein are opposite sides of the same hateful coin."

Another prominent Jew who is vilified by fellow Jews for his courage in speaking the truth as he sees it is jazz musician Gilad Atzmon, who contrasts the approaches of President Ahmadinejad and the Bush-Blair axis.

The appointment of Tony Blair as a Middle East envoy to continue the policies of that axis is discussed here.

In April 2007 a report on history teaching in British schools was widely publicised, amid claims that some schools were afraid of teaching about the Holocaust. The report is analysed here.

One week earlier the British government had announced an intensified crackdown on anti-semitism.

In February 2007 Lady Renouf was interviewed by David Duke for his web based radio show. Dr Duke is a former Louisiana state representative and candidate for the United States Senate. He is the author of several books, most recently the controversial Jewish Supremacism.

You can download MP3 files of the Renouf-Duke interviews here.

Or visit David Duke's frequently updated website.



Lady Renouf on Press TV
Nakba 60th anniversary: Lady Renouf on PressTV

Free Ernst Zundel


David Irving


Institute for Historical Review

The Barnes Review

Jean-Marie Le Pen - "no gas chambers at Auschwitz"

Tun Dr Mahathir in London: usual suspects attempt to block meeting

Arrest in U.S. Israel spy scandal
+ Read the full legal papers in the latest Israeli spy case

Georges Theil wins appeal but still may face jail

Jewish Book Week bans Renouf - reports on Kasztner debate

Wolfgang Fröhlich jailed for six and a half years

Lady Renouf and the President of Iran

At the Tehran Conference in December 2006 Lady Renouf gave Iranian President Ahmadinejad a copy of the DVD Jailing Opinions and the Ernst Zündel documentary Setting the Record Straight

Sylvia Stolz

Sylvia Stolz jailed for three and a half years

Georges Theil set to be jailed on Jan 8th

Robert Faurisson's Tehran interview - now available in English

November 26th: David Irving speaks in Oxford
+ latest update: Oxford Union defies protests - historic meeting goes ahead

Jail sentence for Vincent Reynouard

from the Independent, 26/10/07: "Should a self-interested version of 1940s history be allowed to dictate the nuclear power politics of the 21st century, with potentially disastrous consequences?"

Homo Americanus



Lady Michele Renouf

Lady Michèle Renouf is an international advertising actress, neither an historian nor a political party activist. So how did someone from this background become interested in the campaign to defend real history?



In a December 2007 interview with sociologist Dr. M. Saeed Bahmanpour, Lady Renouf (who was a pioneering lecturer in media studies at Queensland University) explains the relevance to political swindlespeak of her experience in the packaging and persuasion advertising industry.




Speaking to the Institute for Historical Review at a conference in 2004, Lady Renouf explained how experiences while organising a charity event during 1997 first drew her attention to the phenomenon she now defines as twistspeak.

An article based on Lady Renouf's speech to a conference in West Virginia in 2007 was published in The Barnes Review.

In August 2007 Lady Renouf and the webmaster Peter Rushton attended a demonstration outside the German Embassy in London in support of jailed revisionist Ernst Zundel, and later spoke at a Free Zundel meeting in the city.

  Peter Rushton addresses the Zundel demo


During 2008 Lady Renouf coordinated the defence campaign for Dr Fredrick Töben, an Australian academic arrested at Heathrow Airport on a German warrant later ruled invalid in a historic legal victory.

Warrant dismissed in Töben case: prosecutors admit defeat

November 29th: The Australian on the Töben case

Debate-deniers and Birobidjan: November 17th interview with Lady Renouf on Radio Free Mississippi (MP3)
+ November 13th police raid on Robert Faurisson's house

November 4th - Lady Renouf on the initial victory in the Töben case

October 29th - Töben wins in London court: German warrant thrown out by judge!
+ Mohammad Ali Ramin, Secretary of World Foundation Reviewing Holocaust, reacts in Teheran

Isi Leibler: Rethinking prosecution of Holocaust denial


Lady Renouf raises Töben and free speech case at U.S. Embassy debate broadcast by Financial Times - see first question in Q&A section of debate!


Prof. Robert Faurisson and Lady Renouf
latest from Robert Faurisson

Lady Michèle Renouf was born Michèle Mainwaring in Australia. By ancestry and naturalization, she is a British citizen. She began professional careers in childhood as a ballet dancer, a fashion model and an actress in television commercials internationally.

Having studied Fine Art at the National Art School, she also obtained Diplomas in Art and Education and became a lecturer in Fine Art and pioneered Media Studies at Queensland University of Technology.



Already an accomplished Member of The Royal Academy of Dancing, and to culminate her twenty years' intensive training in classical ballet, choreography and teaching, she came to the Academy's Knightsbridge HQ in London to read for a Licentiateship from 1970 to 1972.


Michele Renouf trained as a ballet dancer for twenty years


In 1970, she took residence in London where she became Countess Griaznoff by marriage and was involved in many charitable works for Russian refugees. After a twenty year happy marriage and two children, she wed Sir Francis Renouf in 1991. Sir Francis, an international financier who helped reconstruct Germany's post war banking system, earned many enemies in the international press. That marriage was destroyed by a mendacious media, ending in divorce shortly before his death in 1996. Lady Renouf continued her careers and her studies. In 1992, she gained a Diploma in Landscape Design and designed an Elizabethan Knot and Maze Garden for the reconstruction of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre; and sponsored the building of its Wardrobe of Robes Room in 1997. From 1999 to 2001, she read for a post-graduate degree in Psychology of Religion at the University of London.

Wagner and Judaism
Michèle Renouf's monograph on Wagner and Judaism - militant Jewish protestors claimed even the colour of the pages was a reference to the "Yellow Star" worn during the Holocaust!

Her monograph in 1997 on Wagner and Judaism: Inspirational or Conspiratorial? and her Heidelberg Conference paper in 1998 on Moses and Wagner: Two Advertising Legends in Tribal Mystique earned her a lot of trouble and lost her the starring role in Wagner a stage play by Rudolf Sabor, when sponsors cancelled its season at the New End Theatre, Hampstead. The Irving-Lipstadt trial in 2000 called her attention to the repression of Holocaust Revisionism, and she became an active supporter of persecuted revisionists.



Evening Standard, London, 2002:

Renouf: "We need to look into this emailed investigation into Jewish Control of the British media."

Evening Standard on Lady Renouf and Irving
Lady Renouf has been a filmmaker since 2001. In 2002 she presented her first documentary, Palestine Scrapbook: a British veteran's very different story at both Houses of Parliament.  Her second film's Prologue for a trilogy on Israel In Flagrante; Caught in Acts of Twistspeak was screened at the 2004 Cairo Conference; the trilogy is yet to be released. Her documentary film Jailing Opinions (2006) is now available on DVD.



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Prince Fahd bin Salman with Queen Elizabeth II at the 1995 Derby

Irving backer's half-brother becomes Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia – begins purge of princes and billionaires

2017: Lady Renouf's new DVD – Remembering Forgotten British Heroes

Contrasting "Justice":
Breivik vs. Mahler

Lady Michèle Renouf reports


DVDs now available from Telling Films

Horst Mahler

Horst Mahler Appeal 2016:
Jailing the Lawyers!

Jonathan Bowden

Jonathan Bowden:
The Nation's Best Orator
4-DVD set

Bad Nenndorf
Mourning the Victims,
Naming the Culprits

in English and German

updated DVD now available covering 2013 and 2014

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Doug Christie - the "Battling Barrister"

Tribute to
"battling barrister"


Paul Fromm interviews Lady Renouf during her Canadian tour: 12th October 2012
(MP3 audio file)

Lady Renouf banned by the State of Kentucky!

State of Kentucky bans Lady Renouf

Legal victory for
Pedro Varela!

Legal victory for Pedro Varela

New DVD from Telling Films

Dresden Holocaust 1945 –
An Apology to Germany is Due

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Roger Garaudy dies at 98
Fearless anti-Zionist

Roger Garaudy with his lawyer Jacques Verges
Roger Garaudy (right) with his
lawyer Jacques Vergès

Bishop Richard Williamson wins appeal

Bishop Richard Williamson's conviction for "holocaust denial" quashed by the German appeal courts.

Click here for latest news

Jailing the Lawyers!
A film calling for the release of Attorney Horst Mahler and the repeal of Section 130

Mubarak's End

Mubarak and his paymaster George Bush

Gen. Saad el-Shazly - Egyptian war hero
Death of War Hero General Shazli

Press TV news discussion of the European Arrest Warrant - how Britons can be extradited for 'offences' that are no crime in their own country!

Vincent Reynouard:
"In 2010, in France, a father of eight children, aged from 1 to 17, languishes in prison simply for having publicly expressed revisionist arguments."

Vincent Reynouard - jailed for his historical research
see also
Vincent Reynouard
- jailed for historical research
A new online petition

please note M. Reynouard's new prison address:
Vincent Reynouard
N° 33034
Maison d’arrêt de Valenciennes
BP 80 455
M. Reynouard is fluent is English and can receive mail, though currently he is not allowed to receive stamps or books.

Robert Faurisson biography now online (PDF in French)

François Brigneau:
Mais qui est donc le Professeur Faurisson?


Ernst Zundel released from Mannheim prison

Europe's legendary prisoner of conscience Ernst Zündel was released from Mannheim prison on 1st March 2010 after more than seven years of incarceration in three countries.

Following his 8.15 am release he was welcomed by dozens of supporters outside the prison, including (above left to right) Lady Renouf, Dr. Rigolf Hennig and Dr. Herbert Schaller.

Click here to read a report on Ernst Ernst Zündel's release.

Visit the Zündelsite here

After the failure of the Twitter Revolution to unseat the valiant-for-truth Iranian President, next we see the Mail on Sunday's attempted stitch-up via a fabrication of his personal history
President Ahmadinejad at UN

One reader (the author of this site) tried to give some truthful context - click on the image below to view his rebuttal posted on the Mail's website!

Rebuttal of Mail on Sunday's attack on President Ahmadinejad


Jürgen Rieger has died
The German lawyer and campaigner for freedom of opinion died last month aged 63. Condolences to his family and friends.

Hypocrisy in London's Theatreland
Dieudonne and Robert Faurisson
An Open Letter to the Leicester Square Theatre

Law of unintended consequences!

Mystery of BBC's photo deception
+ The Internet, Fraudulent Freedoms and the Long Arm of Zionism explores the manipulation of the "free" Internet to promote Zionist-American interests in Iran.
In practice unorthodox views are often hounded off the web. For example, Australian academic Dr Fredrick Toben faces continuing prosecution for his Adelaide Institute site, while American Zionists have used illegal methods to undermine even Iranian government websites.

Heresy in the 21st Century

Latest on the case of
Bishop Richard Williamson

Bishop threatened by
Europe's Crooked Commissioner

Excerpts from Arresting Opinions, Lady Renouf's forthcoming Telling Films release on DVD.
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Part One

Part Two

February 25th: Horst Mahler jailed for six years (now increased to eleven years)
see also Mahler's last testament

Baroness Tonge: "The constant accusation of anti-semitism to silence Israel's critics is vindictive."

December 28th: Holocaust fraud exposed - publishers cancel book

Independent: Comedian gives award to Holocaust denier

December 9th: David Irving featured on TV film An Independent Mind

Robert Faurisson dismisses the latest Auschwitz "revelation"

Arts Council reprimands Jewish Book Week for Renouf ban

Zionist ricin threat to Renouf

Birobidjan: the original Jewish homeland revealed
+ 1939 Birobidjan document now online (12 MB PDF file)
+ Lady Renouf discusses Birobidjan on Radio Free Mississippi with Jim Giles (MP3)

Faurisson on the Secular Religion of the Holocaust

Paris radio drama: Faurisson interview cut off - full English transcript

Renouf on the Kollerstrom case - British revisionist academic fired by London University - interviewed by Press TV - Auschwitz paper published